Win a voucher worth PLN 300 in the SempreArte store - regulations

Almost from the beginning of our store's operation, we donate 1% of the proceeds to the Nuevo Amanecer organization in Guatemala! In addition, from time to time we organize screenshots for specific purposes. This year, for the 4th time, we are organizing a fundraiser for school supplies for our pupils in Guatemala! Last year, we managed to collect over PLN 3,500, for which we bought, among others, as many as 13 new backpacks and 15 pairs of shoes!

This year, our goal is to raise even more! In addition to layettes, shoes and backpacks, we would also like to buy some kids clothes for school.

More information about the drop can be found in the description of the drop:

This year, once again, those who pay have the opportunity to win a voucher worth PLN 300 to be used in our store!

Below are the rules of participation in the draw. We kindly ask people taking part in the fundraiser to read the regulations in advance.


1. You can win 3 vouchers worth PLN 300 each.

2. Every person who pays min. PLN 5 for a collection organized by Anna Hnidiuk:

and during the payment, select the option "pay PLN 5 and more"

3. Attention! People who choose the "Deposit without prize" option will not take part in the draw.

5. Each "Deposit PLN 5 and more" deposit is one ticket, which increases the probability of winning. The depositing person can make a deposit as many times as they wish.

4. The draw will take place among the email addresses that will be provided during the payment. If the e-mail address provided is incorrect and it is not possible to send the voucher, then another person will be drawn.

5. The draw of vouchers will take place on Monday, January 9th.

6. Vouchers have no expiry dates.

7. Vouchers will be sent by e-mail in the form of discount codes , thus they will not be combined with other promotions on the website that will work through the code.

Here are some photos from previous editions: