Social Responsibility

We try to make our brand recognizable as a socially responsible brand, respecting people and their extraordinary work and the natural environment.

1. We support the local population.

Our suppliers are only small family production plants. Each cooperation is a beautiful relationship for us, which allows both parties to develop. Each craftsman receives as much as he wishes for his product, we never negotiate prices. We talk to craftsmen and their families, we try to get to know their needs, goals, dreams and strive to achieve them together. Over several years of creating the brand, we are very impressed with how much this cooperation has changed in the lives of our partners.

2. We care about the environment.

We have been living in Latin America for almost 5 years and the garbage problem has haunted us from the very beginning. First of all, there is a lack of organization and education in this matter. Apart from the fact that we try to segregate garbage ourselves, despite the fact that it is very problematic, there is not much we can change on this side of the ocean. However, we believe that even a small action is a small step towards a change for the better. Being aware of what it looks like in Central America, we want our products to be as ecological as possible. If you're wondering why the box is grey, dull and gloomy... this is the answer, because we respect our mother earth.

3. We don't strive for perfection

It took us many years to realize that handicrafts are not about making the product perfect. Our products are made from start to finish by hand, mostly artists use natural products for their products. In this case, it is impossible to create an item that will be perfect, as if taken off the production line. We love the fact that every centimeter of leather is different, because natural leather can have blemishes and discolorations. It doesn't bother us that the blouse is finished with a basting, because maybe the lady embroidering doesn't have a sewing machine yet. We try to build the best quality possible, but without forcing the artists to do something that they simply cannot change.

4. Each of our products is different

From the beginning, we wanted our store to offer unique and unique products. Each of our bags is different, has a different pattern, and if there is no pattern, we ensure that each piece of leather from which the bags were sewn is different. We do not order one batch of bracelets with the same pattern, and we let artists create according to their desires and inspirations at the time of creation. We want each of our clients to receive something that no one else will have. We don't want handicraftsmen to fulfill a specified list of orders. We want artists to feel free while working and be able to constantly develop by creating new models, patterns and color combinations.