Wedding handbag - which one to choose?

Every wedding is a beautiful family celebration. This is a great opportunity for women to shine, to show themselves in a stylish stylization. Traveling around the world, I must admit that in no other country have I experienced such solemnity of this event as in Poland, which can only prove how much we cultivate this beautiful Polish tradition. It is a one-of-a-kind ceremony, so it is important that the outfit matches the uniqueness of the day. An inseparable element of a wedding styling is a handbag perfectly matched to the dress. And as we know, details make up the whole, so it's worth focusing on this one element.
By definition, handbags for a wedding should be small, but they must fit a tiny wallet, phone and, of course, tissues. Very often, a clutch bag is chosen as a classic handbag for a wedding dress, which is handy, and at the same time gives the styling chic and elegance.
Chic and elegance will certainly be added by a handbag on a chain, which will be a perfect addition to an airy chiffon dress or dress. Handbags from our Cincelado collection, made in the Arnoldo workshop, will be perfect here. Delightful, floral patterns, reflected in thick natural leather, will undoubtedly attract the eyes of the participants of the ceremony and emphasize your feminine styling.
Recently very popular rustic weddings, in old barns, near the forest, far out of town, with live music and dancing on the grass. I think that when going to such a wedding, it is worth focusing on a boho or vintage look. Then one of our small bags made in Mr. Cruz's workshop will be the perfect addition to the outfit. A beautiful, shiny leather bag covered with unusual patterns will emphasize your artistic and individual creation.
Whichever option you choose, remember that our handbags are made of thick natural leather. They will serve you for years, you will be proud to wear them for the next family celebrations, and you will certainly be tempted to start wearing them every day.