Our first cherry-colored leather handbag

We have been offering an unusual, round cherry-colored Carmen handbag for some time now. This is our first leather bag, made in this color in the workshop of Mr. Cruz in Mexico. We have to admit that it is mostly thanks to our clients who, seeing the colorful bags from the Mundo collection, insisted that we introduce more colors in leather bags.

Like all our models, the bag is made of thick leather. I will repeat it again, although our clients know and appreciate it very well: there is no leather more durable than leather. This is a type of leather that is used less and less in the leather industry, and is replaced by other types of leather that can be processed faster.

Carmen Cherry leather handbag

An additional advantage of the cherry-colored bag is the fact that the purse makers used a natural dye to create its unusual color. In Chiapas, where handbags are made, the art of creating fabrics, clothes and embroidery is passed down from generation to generation. Young Mexican artists in this industry also make sure that folk art is not forgotten. For this reason, natural materials, including dyes, are still more popular than synthetic ones.
At Mr. Cruz's Workshop, we currently create bags in three colors: natural, black and cherry.
Carmen large bag in cherry color, like all our other highlander bags, is covered with a beautiful hand-embossed pattern. Each bag is a real unique. It is impregnated and varnished, which makes its glow shine from afar. It is the perfect accessory for spring and summer, it will match both dresses and more casual styling.