How to take care of a leather handbag?

A leather handbag is an accessory that should be in every woman's wardrobe. Natural leather is a noble, timeless and beautifully aging material, and a handbag made of it will perfectly match any outfit, never losing its attractiveness. For this to happen, it is worth taking care of a leather handbag and spending some time on a few care and cleaning treatments. How to make your handbag attractive and serve you for years?

Cleaning a leather handbag in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 - Emptying the bag

Take out all the things that have accumulated in your purse. Start with the larger ones, ending with the smallest ones, such as receipts, cufflinks, etc. The bag should be empty before cleaning. Using a brush, try to remove all the dirt from the folds inside the bag.

Step 2 - Cleaning the leather bag inside

If your handbag has a leather inner layer, you can lightly dampen a clean sponge, soapy water and lightly clean the inside of the handbag. Remember that the skin does not like water , so try to do it very gently. Then leave the bag open until it dries. Remember not to dry the bag by the fireplace or with a hair dryer - it is not healthy for the condition of the skin. Proceed to step 3 only when your bag is dry.

Step 3 - Cleaning the outside of the leather handbag

Cleaning a leather handbag is an extremely important step. Remember that any spotted stain should be cleaned as soon as possible . Don't delay it so you don't risk permanent damage.
To clean a genuine leather handbag, you can use a whole range of agents available for sale. If you're looking for a more traditional way that's also the safest, try baby wipes . They do not contain alcohol or other substances that may cause adverse reactions on your handbag.
Gently clean the entire surface of the bag, removing light stains and dust from the bag, remembering not to wet the leather - you can remove excess moisture with a dry cotton tissue.

Step 4 - Greasing the leather bag

After cleaning the leather bag from the outside, it should be greased . This is very important because dry skin can crack and lose color. To lubricate the skin, you can use the entire palette of products available for sale for this particular step. If you care about a natural solution, we recommend castor oil . Apply it to the leather using a clean cloth, then gently buff the surface of the bag. A good substitute may be beeswax , which, after application and polishing, gives the bag a shine.

Step 5 - Impregnation of the leather bag

Impregnating a leather bag is an extremely important point that will protect it from moisture, dirt or low temperature . For impregnation, you can use agents commonly available on the Internet or in leather goods stores. If you are looking for a natural remedy, we recommend Carnauba (wax).
The purpose of impregnation is to leave a protective layer on the bag.

The entire 5-step process of caring for your leather handbag should be repeated quarterly . This is extremely important for maintaining the condition of the skin.
Remember that the handbag may leave stains on your clothes after some time. This is a clear sign that it's time to clean and impregnate it.

Proper Storage.

An important element of caring for a leather handbag is its storage.

1. Before storing your handbag, remember to clean and moisturize it - this will make it look great next season.
2. The skin breathes , so it will be very bad to close it in a plastic bag. The correct form of storage is to put it in an air-permeable bag , e.g. cotton or linen .
3. Sunlight and artificial light is not suitable for a leather handbag in the long run, so store it in a closed place, for example in a wardrobe.
4. As in the case of leather shoes, a leather handbag can deform when resting for a long time. Be sure to fill it with something to keep it in shape while it rests until next season.

Regular care is the basis for a leather bag. Remember that a few moments devoted to your handbag will make it in excellent condition for many years!

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