Do you like our products? Would you like to add our unique handmade collection to your shop? We and our associates are most open to spreading the idea of ​​SempreArtea.


We offer a wholesale discount to suit your needs
We are open and flexible to your suggestions
By working with us, you support the idea of ​​SempreArte, buying unique, hand-made products of the best quality
Your purchase helps children in Guatemala

We will promote your store on our social media and provide you with photos for promotion
We will help you choose the most popular products and those that suit the style of your store
We issue a VAT invoice


Workshop Order:

Such orders include all products designed by us or our artisans that can be seen on the website or in the catalogue. You order and we start production together with our Craftsmen. Our price, in this case, is discounted on orders of more than 10 products.

The delivery time depends on the number of products ordered and other orders completed at that time - however, we will try to provide a time frame for the implementation and we will make every effort to ensure that it does not last longer than 2-6 weeks.

Order from warehouse:

Such orders include all products available on the site. The minimum number of products in an order is 5, the maximum is 10. In this case, we offer a 15 to 20% discount and fast shipping.



    ↠ 50% payment to start processing your order. The second part of the payment when the order is prepared for shipment.
    ↠ Payment for shipping is added to the second part of Payment for the order.
    ↠ The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the package

    ↠ Buyers are responsible for 100% of shipping and customs fees
    ↠ Minimum order size: 10 products (workshop), 5-10 products (shop)
    ↠ Coupons, discounts and sales cannot be combined with the wholesale offer

    Ask for our Wholesale Catalog ! We are at your disposal: