How your shoes are made

All shoes are designed by Jose and handmade by him or one of his employees. Each of our clients should know how his shoe is made step by step!
Most of Jose's shoes are made to order. The basis is the exact size of the foot so that the shoe fits perfectly. Our shoes have universal sizes, but we choose the type of leather and huipil pattern and this is probably the most pleasant moment in production. Outside of reception of course!
After selecting the leather, a universal template for a given type of shoe and a given size is applied. A shape is cut out of the leather, which will then be used for the upper part of the shoe.
When the skin is cut out, one of the workers sticks and sews the huipil.
All parts of the leather are joined together and the upper part of the shoe is shaped, then the lower part is sewn onto it (not yet the sole). Only when the shoe is fully ready, a rigid, previously prepared sole is glued on, and then the whole thing is hemmed.
In some shoes (e.g. jazz shoes) the sole is additionally nailed to the rest with small nails or sewn on as in the case of sneakers.
The final step is to give the shape of the shoe. A special wooden model is inserted inside. In this way, its final appearance is shaped, every detail is refined and polished.
When the shape is perfect, accessories are created, e.g. holes for laces, elastic bands or loops in the case of boots (available in our store in the autumn season).
Not all shoes are made equal. Each workshop has its own technique, which has been passed down from generation to generation since the times when a shoe was perceived as a luxury item that is to be used throughout our lives, and the purchase of one pair was associated with a large investment.
This is the whole magic of handmade shoes.
There is no other such couple in the world.