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A family workshop where paper lamps and clocks are made. The founder is Mr. Reginaldo, and the main seller is Hugo, a boy we met once at a market in Antigua. It was he who told us the story of his family, which captivated us, as well as the products he sells. And dirty hands only testified to how much time he must spend in the workshop. Reginaldo Puc lives with his family in Sumpango, and until 1989 he worked in Antigua as a bricklayer, but one day Pablo's Mexican client noticed that Reginaldo had many other skills in addition to painting, so he asked him for help with other works. The cooperation was great, Pablo suggested creating products from recycled paper. Reginaldo was responsible for production and Pablo for administration. At first, only recycled paper was used, over time Reginaldo began to experiment, adding more materials such as cotton or dried flowers, that's how he obtained the main material of our lamps, i.e. "rose paper". In 2003, Reginaldo decided to take a risk and act independently, he said that if he does what he loves, he will succeed.
In 2004, he opened a shop, but it was a failure, maybe the wrong location, the product was also new, people were not convinced about recycled paper products. In 2005 he found a better location and over time the store began to generate profits. Since then, Reginaldo has been constantly creating new designs, mixing different techniques and materials, so that each product is unique. She never stops looking for new flowers and patterns.
Hugo is his second hand, apart from helping in the workshop, he runs the shop, contacts with customers and the media. Proud of the family tradition and artistic abilities of his father, he makes sure that every customer leaves the store with a smile.